Chlorine Dioxide production unit Oxy-Gen

For years, non-chlorine bleached Chlorine Dioxide - produced acc. to the acid-chlorite procedure has been used for the safe and economical disinfection in the beverage/food industry. Due to the different reactions of Chlorine Dioxide compared with Chlorine is more ecological.

Chlorine Dioxide does not form Chlorine compounds in connection with organic materials like Chlorphenol or Halogen Carbohydrate. From this and seen from toxicological and sensory view Chlorine Dioxide can be used safely. Chlorine Dioxide is a high reactive gas, which is not storable, because of physical reasons. Therefore, it has to be produced onsite strictly depending on requirements.

After the production Chlorine Dioxide has to be dissolved in water and transferred to the metering point. Chlorine Dioxide is produced by the unit type P3-Oxy-Gen. This type of unit is known for its very compact design and the included safety equipment for the production of Chlorine Dioxide. The Chlorine Dioxide production units type P3-Oxy-Gen are controlled by SPS, which can communicate without any problems with existing controls, e.g. central control of the chemical supply.

Applications in the beverage and food industry:

  • Drinking and industrial water disinfection
  • Disinfection of the cold / warm water zone of bottle cleaning machines
  • Waste water treatment in the dairy industry