Ecolab Engineering is committed to high product quality. But the service life of any device is limited, as some components are subject to natural wear and tear.

Therefore, through appropriate device design, we ensure that our devices can be repaired easily. In this way, we act both in an ecological and economical way, because the replacement of defective components enables the continued use of the device and avoids waste.

If a device repair is no longer profitable or reasonable and the device must be disposed of, we will of course fulfill our manufacturer's obligation and take over the disposal.

To protect our employees and our environment, please return only carefully cleaned devices!

Please note that it is not possible to return equipment from special departments of health care facilities (e.g., isolation wards in hospitals).

In the event of an epidemic, we generally cannot accept equipment from health care facilities.

1. Register the Return Shipment

  1. Fill out the return form (including the clearance declaration).
  2. You will receive the completed return form by email.
  3. Please print the form and sign it.

2. Packing and Shipping

  1. If possible, please use the original device packaging for safe shipping. Ecolab will not be held responsible for any transport damage.
  2. Please send your device without accessories unless they may be related to the malfunction.
  3. Make sure that the original serial number label is on each product.
  4. Include the following documents with the shipment:
    - signed return form
    - copy of the order confirmation or delivery note
    - in case of warranty claim: copy of invoice with date of purchase
    - safety data sheet in case of hazardous chemicals
  5. Transfer the return address with the return number onto the shipping label.

The return form must be attached in a clearly visible manner on the outside by using a delivery note pocket.

3. Reception and Processing

  1. If the device is sent in for repair, our service technicians will perform a thorough analysis.
  2. A processing fee of 85 EUR plus VAT will be charged in the following cases:
    a) There will be an immediate return*. This is the case if:
    - no return number is available.
    - the material is contaminated.
    - no defect is found.
    b) A cost estimate will be issued. If there is no response to this within four weeks of receipt, we will terminate the process and return the device unrepaired*. The processing fee does not apply if a repair or replacement device is ordered.
    c) The device is not repairable. The processing fee does not apply if a replacement device is ordered.
    d) The device has been sent for disposal.

In case of return to the customer, shipping costs will be charged additionally.

4. You have questions concerning your shipment?

If you have any questions, please contact us via 

(*) Required information