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EcoAdd PC program

Multronic Configuration Tool (MCT) Software, Version 1.3 Revision 3

Software supported PC data transfer "interface"

  • Integrated interface for configuration and parameter setting under Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP/7
  • Bidirectional transmission of the data via interface RS232 from and to the Multronic
  • Transmission of the data for processing, e.g. documentation, data storage and print
  • A simple on-line collection of the measured values to support the introduction, start up and configuration
  • Clear and easy setting of the parameters and configuration data

If a dialog box shows up with the options "complete" or "save"  choose "complete".
Depending on your pc security settings a warning can possibly show up.

Aquanta Control Software

AquantaGet Customer Version 2.2.20 for Aquanta Control II from software V2.00 forward, Office 2016

Aquanta-Visual V20 for Aquanta Control II from software V2.00 forward