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Process monitoring in industrial immersion tanks

Monitoring of water quality parameters such as conductivity, pH value or redox potential plays an important role in immersion processes. Whether in cathodic dip painting (CDP or e-coating), galvanising or industrial parts cleaning, in all these processes, monitoring and keeping the chemical concentration constant and checking the water quality is crucial for the result.

Versatronic multi-channel measuring and control devices and EcoAdd metering pumps are ideally suited for these tasks. However, with their largely self-explanatory and intuitive touchscreens, they can also be quickly adapted to any other process.

With the Versatronic, up to eight measurement parameters are recorded and processed simultaneously in four measurement channels. An integrated screen recorder continuously shows the process sequence; the integrated data logger stores the process data for up to one year. With various communication interfaces and an integrated web browser, process data can be displayed and further processed on all common online communication devices.

The EcoPro and EcoAdd diaphragm metering pumps are the ideal Versatronic partners and offer many features for keeping the concentration in process tanks constant. Equipped with low-maintenance and durable stepper motors, they work with high accuracy and almost pulsation-free dosing.

Your advantages:

  • High process reliability
  • Minimal consumption of process chemicals
  • System status can be viewed at any time and from anywhere
  • Comprehensive process data management