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Dermados Station Touchfree (5/20L)

Solid, safe, functional.

New ideas, great teamwork and high productivity - these are also effects of the pandemic and at the same time the best means for containing COVID-19.

The new Dermados Station Touchfree is available now so that disinfectants get into the hands of our customers even faster, better and in a sufficient quantity.

At Ecolab Engineering the production of the Dermados Station Touchfree for the European region is running at full speed.

To ensure that our customers can offer their visitors and employees maximum hand hygiene, the new disinfection stands are now available throughout Europe for immediate use in the entrance areas of office buildings, hotels, hospitals, industrial plants, schools, kindergartens, supermarkets and wherever else they are needed.

The hygiene stations are pre-assembled at the factory, thus ready-to-use, and delivered in a well protective packaging. With their high-end stainless-steel design, they immediately catch the eye and invite people to use them.

This is what makes the Dermados Station Touchfree stand out:

  • maximum safety of hand hygiene due to non-contact operation and preselected dosing quantity
  • wireless stand-alone device with battery operation, therefore freely placeable
  • variable due to an easily adjustable dosing quantity
  • very low maintenance for an interruption-free operation

There is more to come!

Those who need an even more mobile version of the Dermados Station Touchfree (5/20 L) can choose a model with wheels.
For the smaller demand, the Dermados Station Touchfree is also available without canister compartment for charging the dispenser with 500 ml or 1000 ml bottles

Further information about Dermados Station in this flyer