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Ecolab Engineering delivers Dermados Station to Edeka supermarket in Siegsdorf (Germany)

Usually it is like this: The Ecolab staff in Siegsdorf have been regular customers of the local Edeka supermarket for years. The supermarket is located right next to the company premises and offers a wide and delicious range of snacks, warm dishes for lunch and fresh fruit for refreshment during breaks. You might almost say that the Edeka supermarket replaces the Ecolab canteen, which the Siegsdorf location unfortunately does not have.

But now it is the other way round: The Edeka supermarket, under the management of the Pfeilstetter family, is now a customer of Ecolab, because we have delivered our Dermados Station Touchfree 5/20L directly to our neighbour. The transport route to the customer could not have been shorter. No truck was needed, a trolley was sufficient. Our high polish disinfection station was welcomed by the branch manager Maximilian Kurz. Setting it up, holding hands under the dispenser, sanitizing - the station is ready for operation in no time at all.

Ecolab Monheim initiates neighbourly help in Siegsdorf

Admittedly, the canister came from Monheim - and not only that. Sina Schulze, our Monheim colleague from Food Retail Services Europe, initiated this neighbourhood campaign. And she did so to the great delight of our marketing managers Claus Renner (Vienna) and Massoud Nahidino (Siegsdorf).

Ecolab Siegsdorf here benefits in several ways: From a sales point of view, this opens the door to a customer who was previously supplied by a competitor. In terms of development, we benefit from the feedback of a local user. And: From the customer's point of view, our Ecolab staff now have a supermarket right next door that offers reliable, COVID-19-compatible hand disinfectiont!