Ecolab Engineering GmbH


We are pleased to introduce our new HYBRID foam equipment range

The new Hybrid satellite employs completely new technology making rinsing and cleaning smarter and more efficient than ever.  In tests our patent pending Corona TechnologyTM has shown remarkable results with much better foam quality and consistency and superior cling time.  The Hybrid satellite is a flexible, modular extendable solution enabling the Hybrid to handle all likely applications including: direct injection or pre-diluted chemicals; fixed or variable product metering; multiple product dispense and the Advantis Mix concept.

The Hybrid satellite technology has been extensively tested in the field and is built to last. The robust, tamper-proof, closed hygienic design is simple to operate, easy to service and comes with a unique 3 Year warranty.

For further information please talk to your Ecolab representative or contact our next Contact Customer Service Centre.


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