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Bleeding Made Easy


Effective protection of the cooling tower saves costs and secures the entire process

With the two devices Multronic and CoolProtect as well as the ELADOS® EMP metering pump program Ecolab offers the user a cost-effective, safe and precise metering, measuring and control system for all cooling water treatment processes. The prefabricated systems simplify configuring, installation and commissioning as well as plant service considerably.



cav 3/2008

New metering station with batch tank, the latest metering technology and variable set-up


Safe metering of liquid chemicals is a process that is used in all areas of industry.
Together with process safety all these applications have common requirements. No only fulfilment of and adherence to the legal requirements (e.g. in Germany WHG) are at the forefront, but also a cost-effective and variable design, as well as easy project planning, initial operation and service.
In the case of metering containers up to a volume content of 200 litres, compact design and easy installation without loss of quality and safety is a great challenge. Ecolab metering containers are manufactured in a rotation process from polyethylene. Many details for comfortable and efficient function have already been considered in the design of these containers.





cpp 3/2007 October 07

Eine Pumpe für alle Dosierprozesse



Permanente Kontrolle dank hochauflösender Plug & Play Durchflussmessung
Wenn es darum geht, hochwirksame aggressive flüssige Chemikalien exakt und sicher zu dosieren, ist der industrielle Einsatz von Membrandosierpumpen sinnvoll. Mit den wachsenden Forderungen an die Dosiergenauigkeit ergeben sich zunehmend komplexe selbstregulierende Systeme. Gleichfalls wünschen sich die Anwender aber auch eine einfache und sichere Bedienbarkeit in Kombination mit hoher Wirtschaftlichkeit. Beides vereint die ELADOS® EMP E60 PLUS.



CAV 7/2007 July 07

Handling Chemicals Safely


When it comes to safety, we never compromise!
Consumers expect a very high and constant quality level from food, cosmetics and drugs. Industry achieves this objective through the use of high-quality raw materials, modern process engineering, careful preparation and strict compliance with hygiene standards.


Brauwelt International 2/2007 April 07 Volume 25

Container hygiene requires close monitoring


The online hygiene management of crates and boxes ensures product safety and enables efficiency checks.
A comprehensive hygiene concept constitutes a safe quality management system in any factory that produces foodstuffs. This is also the case for so-called peripheral procedures, such as the cleaning of crates and boxes, where there can be a considerable risk of cross-contamination. With regard to the washing of crates in foodstuff factories, particular progress has been made in recent years in cleaning plastic boxes. Increasingly large pools of boxes and more stringent hygiene requirements have given rise to large washers with high throughputs. The management and routine operation of this complex equipment require an appropriate network for monitoring its technical, hygiene-related, and efficiency status, and for documenting that status.



Food Technologie 3/2007 June 07