Rotary spray gun electric Ø 30 mm

  • Rotary spray gun for stationary use and circular dispensing of products into bores from Ø 8 mm
  • Non contact application
  • To be used mainly in combination with metering valve EP-SV and EP-FD-SV
  • Especially suitable for lubricants and anaerobic adhesives

The rotary gun is needed to dispense products into bores with a diameter ranging from 8 to 200 mm. It is vital to position the work piece onto which a product is dispensed exactly, especially when dealing with small bores. The dispensing procedure is as follows:

The product (mixed adhesives, oils or other liquids) is delivered into the rotor head via a metering valve. Owing to the special construction and the rotation of the rotor head, product dispensing to the bore occurs in the form of a circle. Depending on dosing media and rotor head design, dispensing areas of up to 10 mm are possible.

The rotor shaft has two bearings and is driven by a DC motor via a flexible coupling. The motor is equipped with an ironless rotor with self-contained helical winding; it has a linear rotational speed and a speed-torque curve.

Owing to the rotor's design, this motor is highly efficient (90 %) and has very short start/stop times.

Electrical connection of the rotary spray gun is carried out through a plug-in connector, available on option in straight or angled versions.

in conjunction with the Multiline 1000 as an electropneumatic time control device.

The alternative if no system control is available from the customer side!

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