Chlorine Dioxide, PAA and Redox measuring system

for measuring range depending metering of CIO₂:

  • Simple constructed measuring system
  • Compact flow-through housing for sensors
  • Integrated control for measuring water flow rate
  • Integrated flow rate adjustment
  • Integrated sample valve for check measuring
  • Flow-through housing is easy to clean
  • One measuring transformer for Chlorine Dioxide and Redox, optionally expansible for pH
  • Background illuminated display for best indication
  • mA-outputs for signal transfer
  • Remote control through customers external enabling contact is possible
  • Possibility of limit control for all three measuring ranges

The Chlorine Dioxide and Redox measuring system is completely pre-assembled and cabled. This measuring system is used for measuring range depending metering of Chlorine Dioxide, e.g. in cold/warm water zones of bottle washers.

Depending on the differences of the rated/actual values a diaphragm valve is activated and Chlorine Dioxide is metered.

An insensible Redox measuring system is used for the independent control measuring. If the Redox value oversteps a free-adjustable maximum limit, the Chlorine Dioxide measuring switches off and the metering interrupts until the adjusted limit value is felt short of again.

Here, the indication of the pH-value can be very useful, because Chlorine Dioxide is reactive up to a pH-value of approx. 10,5.

In case of pH-values > 10,5 Chlorine Dioxide is reduced and it is not longer possible to give a clear statement about reactive Chlorine Dioxide. Therefore, in progress of the quality control, the pH-value should be measured and documented.

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