Conductivity measuring and control unit LMI 02

  • Precise, fast temperature sensor
  • Digital display of conductivity and temperature
  • Two adjustable set points
  • Fault signal output
  • Pre-metering output (selectable)
  • Time-controlled pre-metering for initial charge
  • Adjustable pre-metering time delay
  • Metering time limit
  • 0/4 - 20 mA – current output
  • Compatible with P3-products

The inductive conductivity measuring and control unit LMI 02 is especially designed for permanent concentration measurement and control of alkaline or acidic cleaning and disinfecting solutions.

The LMI 02 is designed as a wall-mounted unit. The measuring operates to the electrodeless measuring principle. The conductivity probe is combined with a temperature sensor (NTC). The temperature compensation for alkaline products (1.9 %/K) or acid detergents (1.25 %/K) is selectable. Front side function keys with a digital display guarantee a simple and reliable operator guidance.

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