Conductivity/Temperature Transmitter LMIT 09

  • Measurement value logging covering five decades of measurement ranges from 0 - 200 µS/cm
    to 0 - 2 S/cm with an accuracy of ± 1 µS/cm at inductive conductivity measurement
  • Equipped with Pt100 sensor, -20 °C … +150 °C
  • Two electrically isolated current outputs 0/4 - 20 mA for conductivity and temperature
  • USB port for simple updating and upgrading
  • Alarm output with zero-potential changeover contact
  • With the wall-mounted version a separate probe with 5 m or 20 m cable is connected to the transmitter
  • Permanently lit display
  • Measure cell body (probe) is of the highly resistant material PEEK, without bonding seams and joint made in one cast
  • Measure cell resistant to chemicals and temperature
  • EHEDG-certified measure cell HD (hygienic design)

The conductivity/temperature transmitter LMIT 09 offers process security due to an innovative measuring technology. The quality of a fluid is basically determined by measurement of its specific conductivity. Examples of this quality determination method are:

  • Phase separation during CIP applications
  • Concentration monitoring for detergent and disinfectant solutions
  • Monitoring of water quality
  • Quality control for liquid products
  • Process control by online measuring
  • Contamination monitoring of food

For an exact determination of substance concentrations, e.g. for detergents and disinfectants, it is essential to take the actual temperature into account. It is measured by means of the Pt100 temperature sensor, which shows optimal flow characteristics and a short response time (T90 <  5 s). All captured data are corrected with respect to the stored stereoscopic concentration graphs and temperature compensation factors. This results in an accurate and quick determination of the temperature and concentration of the conductive fluids.

This ist the principle of inductive conductivity measurement

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