Oval Gear Meter OGMPLUS

  • Precise volume measurement
  • Reliable process control
  • High-grade materials
  • Resistant to chemicals
  • Not affected by changes in viscosity
  • Direct connection to an Eco pump is possible
  • Pulse output

The OGM PLUS is used for volumetric measurement of the rate of flow of pure and cleaned liquids (max. 1000 mPas, measuring method: Brookfield ).

The fact that this is a volumetric meter means that surging and discontinuous ("intermittent") flows can also be measured.

This meter is therefore also extremely suitable for measurement of the volumetric flow of diaphragm pumps (e.g. EcoPro, EcoAdd, EMP-KKS, EMP IV) driven by means of electric motors.

The OGM PLUS features an automatic direction of flow detection system. Reverse volumetric flows are stored without transmission of pulses. Preceding reverse volumetric flows are subtracted from the next forward volumetric flow.

A further benefit of the OGM PLUS can be found in its calibration capability. This permits achievement of maximum possible accuracy, taking account of conditions of use.

The properties and characteristics of the OGM PLUS are optimally tailored to connection to an Eco series diaphragm-type metering pump.

Attention: Appropriate only for unpolluted liquids (without suspended particles)!

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