Quick an selective determination of P3-stabilon

  • No titration necessary
  • Reduced laboratory effort
  • Simple handling

P3-stabilon® is a concentrated agent and is used in the brewery and beverage industry as additve in combination with caustic soda for processes such as the automatic cleaning of bottles.

The application concentration is about 0,2% stabilon® in the causic soda. With Stabimat® LAB is measured the stabilon® concentration in the sample solution out of the bottle cleaning lye.

Stabimat® LAB eliminates the need for resource-consuming laboratory work which is required for concentration determination by titration.

Measurement of the stabilon® content is performed selectively by means of a special electrode used on combination with a reference electrode.

In the measurement chain turns up a level which is proportional to the stabilon concentration in the causic solution. The transmitter amplifies this level and indicates the result on the digital display.