Diaphragm Piston Pump ELADOS® EMP KKS

Metering capacity: 0,2 - 1,4 l/h

  • Metering with smallest possible rate capability   
  • High reproducibility
  • High metering accuracy even with degassing products
  • Self-priming and self-venting
  • Mechanical stroke adjustment
  • Stroke frequency regulation
  • Pulse control
  • Pulse multiplication and division
  • Pulse storage
  • Standard signal drive
  • Empty signal report and level pre-warning
  • External metering lock
  • Empty signal and stroke signal output

All metering pumps of the series ELADOS® EMP KKS operate on the piston-diaphragm principle. The diaphragm serves to feed the product whereas the piston handles the metering. Because of the continuous surplus return this metering pump operates self-venting. Therefore, the pump is appropriate for the conveying of degassing products. The cylindrical piston system without seal s made of ceramic material and offers maximum resistance to chemicals.

Different electronic control variants allow the pump to be adapted to any process for quantity or proportional metering. The reasonable choice of accessories completes the extent of supply and represents a complete program for the metering application.

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