Pneumatic Metering Pump II

Metering capacity: 3,0 - 12,0 l/h

Pneumatic metering pump incl. control by external 3/2-port directional control valve
Pneumatic metering pump incl. control by integrated 3/2-port solenoid valve

  • Works without electrical current
  • Mechanical stroke adjustment
  • Space-saving design
  • Separate air bleeding
  • High reliability due to teflon compound diaphragm
  • Optional with integrated solenoid valve

Due to its very compact construction the pneumatic metering pump is recommended especially for the use in very cramped circumstances. All operational components are arranged at the front side of the pump.

The diaphragms are controlled by pressurized air of a driving piston. When the pressurized air or turn-over to the 3/2-port directional control valves get switched-off the diaphragms turn back to the initial position by a spring. The repressed volume is delivered to the diaphragm chamber over a double ball suction and pressure valve. The delivery performance can be controlled exactly by stroke frequency and a lock-type stroke adjustment. The pump can be synchronized manually for start-up or venting during an upcoming air pressure.

A continuous metering demands a synchronized control by an external or internal 3/2-port directional control valve.

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