Ecolab Engineering GmbH

Industrial Park Infra Seitz

Industrial Park Infra Seitz:

Metering Station for Caustic Soda Solution, Ferric Sulphate, Phosphoric Acid, Ammonia Water, Corrosion Protection


5 Metering stations

  • Stand cabinet made of PP with sliding doors
  • Cabinet heating for caustic soda solution
  • 17 diaphragm metering pumps EMP II, EMP III, EMP IV, metering capacities 4.3 l/h to 210 l/
  • With associated metering technology
  • Transfer terminal boxes for PLS



4 sumps for chemicals

  • Made of PP for 1000-l cubic tank containers
  • Incl. level-monitored mixing tanks



4 product receiving stations


  • filling pipe socket cabinet made of VA steel with cabinet heating
  • electric ball valve and hand ball valve
  • transfer terminal boxes for PLS


Delivery of completely pre-assembled units incl. commissioning