Ecolab Engineering GmbH

Sewage treatment plant Wiesbaden

Sewage treatment plant Wiesbaden:

Storage and Metering System for Liquid Precipitants


  • Storage tanks in conformance to WHG
  • Product receiving station
  • Metering station
  • Metering pipes
  • Complete assembly and commissioning




Storage tanks in conformance to WHG:

  • Double wall version of glass-reinforced plastic, each 25 m³
  • Underpressure leak detector, overfilling fuse in conformance to WHG
  • Visual-mechanical level indicator
  • Continuous radar measurement of the level of contents
  • Ascent ladder and operator's platform made of stainless steel


Product receiving station

  • Double filling pipe socket cabinet made of glass-reinforced plastic
  • Road tanker couplings
  • ELAFLON®-coated



Metering station


  • Metering console made of PP
  • Sump with leakage probe in conformance to WHG
  • 4 magnetic drive centrifugal pumps
  • Return flow pipe into the storage tank
  • 4 magnetic inductive flowmeters to measure the metering capacity per pump
  • Regulation of the metering quantities with magnetic inductive flowmeters and control valves



700-m metering pipes

  • Laid in the protection tube
  • Leakage detection in conformance to WHG
  • Trace heating in the tapping pipe


Complete assembly and comissioning

  • Piping and metering points