Control unit CoolPROTECT

Ready-to-connect, preassembled bleeding system with programmable control device for optimum cooling water treatment

  • Conductivity-dependent bleeding control
  • Optional timer-controlled biocide metering
  • Maintenance-free inductive conductivity measurement
  • Forced recirculation according to VDI regulation 6022
  • Real time module with 2 independent day and week clock timers
  • High efficiency due to adjustable interlocking of simultaneous bleeding and biocide metering)
  • Integrated acoustic alarm signal
  • Simple, menu-assisted operation in plain text
  • Definable access code

Cooling tower bleeding
In a cooling tower, a continuous increase in the minerals dissolved in the water takes place due to the continual evaporation of the water (bleeding).

CoolPROTECT continually controls the conductivity and the bleeding grade of the cooling tower water.

If the measured value exceeds a preset upper limit W+, deconcentration of the water is introduced by transfer of water from the cooling circuit into the discharge channel.

The consequent reduction in the level of the cooling water is sensed by a level control device, which controls the introduction of fresh feed water. This supply of fresh feed water causes the concentration to decrease and the conductivity reduces.

If the conductivity now falls below a preset lower limiting value W- the deconcentration process is terminated.

The water in the cooling circuit continues to be subject to the process of salination. When the upper limiting value W+ is again reached, the deconcentration process restarts.

Biocide metering
Microbiological cultures form in the cooling water under conditions that are favourable to this phenomenon (high temperatures, high concentration of minerals).

In order to protect the system and preclude any health risks to humans, the cooling water circuit must be dosed with a germicide product at regular intervals.

With CoolPROTECT it is possible to carry out time-controlled biocide metering intervals. The duration of the metering and reaction time is arbitrary.

The bleeding controller is inhibited during the metering and reaction time. The current operating status is displayed on the screen in plain text.

You can also activate a pre-bleeding function. This means that if, when biocide dosing is triggered by the timer, the conductivity value is above the lower bleeding threshold (W), bleeding has priority over biocide dosing.

Circulation control
In order to act against contamination resulting from water circuits that are periodically deactivated, optional communication between CoolPROTECT and the cooling water system control system can be established. This control system independently activates the water circuit circulation pump even if the cooling tower is switched off. It then starts biocide dosing after a settable circulation time has passed.