Versatronic Cooling Water

  • Supports the hygienic operation of evaporation coolers as per VDI 2047, sheet 2 resp. 42 federal regulations for emission protection law
  • Large illuminated graphic display
  • Simple operation by clear arranged menu guidance
  • Bleeding control of up to three cooling towers is possible
  • Additional monitoring measurements like pH or Redox can be integrated
  • Optional: Integrated screen recorder for data recording

The Versatronic cooling water allows fully automatic desalination control and timer-controlled biocide dosing of up to three cooling towers. If the device is only designed for one or two cooling towers, two weekly timers can also be set per measuring channel for the dosing of two different biocides.
The Versatronic also includes a communication function to the circulation pump of the cooling tower.
Logic links between the functions of bleeding, biocide dosing and circulation control provide adequate process reliability.