Metering unit with batch tank

Compact - variable - economic

  • Metering stations in combination with EcoPro and EcoAdd diaphragm metering pumps
  • Precise metering from 5 to 120 l/h
  • Various batch tank sizes available from 40 l to 200 l
  • Safe storage and discharging ofliquid chemicals
  • Modular system: simple choicesby a special developed PC program
  • Easy installation of the components by customer (e.g. EcoPro and EcoAdd diaphragm metering pump, suction pipe and agitator)
  • Wide range of accessories e.g.:
    - Measuring systems for metering process
    - Multi-function valve for maximum process and system reliability
    - Oval gear meter OGMPLUS for metering monitoring and control
    - Slightly inclining the seat of the agitator increases theefficiency of the agitator

The metering unit with batch tank was developed specifically for industrial water treatment and chemical plant construction for the safe storage and dispensing of liquid chemicals. Particular emphasis was placed on plant safety and ease of use for the operating personnel. Faced with the increasingly stringent provisions of the German Water Resources Act (WHG) and stricter safety guidelines for employee protection, these metering stations offer an economic solution for supplying chemicals that must be metered.

The individual components are easy to combine, which enables the system to be optimally adjusted to meet operational requirements with metering performance levels of up to 120 l/h. Complete metering stations can be assembled quickly and cost-effectively either in advance at the manufacturing plant or, thanks to the system’s modular design, on site using individual components.